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Vacation, wedding, or a weekend getaway?

Vacation, Work, Wedding, Or

A Weekend Getaway?

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At All Times

Safe and Reliable traveling for you and your loved ones.

Strict Background Checks

Conducted on Captains

  • We provide continuous support and customer care throughout your journey.
  • We have back up buses available at all times in case of any concerns.
  • In order to provide you a secure ride experience, Swvl Captains undergo strict background checks — so you’re always riding with someone you can trust!
  • We ensure the vehicle is maintained and clean for your trip. You can request vehicle inspection in case of any concerns.

Live tracking feature

Swvl Allows You Hassle-Free Travel

Say goodbye to dreading vehicle quality, delays, and coordination with captains — with Swvl, redefine your journeys!

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